Free Workbook For Shoplifters

Welcome to the workbook for those who are addicted to shoplifting. You are in the right place! This free shoplifter’s workbook will help you get started on your road to a shoplifting-free life.

Those addicted to shoplifting may say, “I can’t stop shoplifting,” or, “How can I stop shoplifting?” or, “I want to stop shoplifting, but I don’t know how.” If this sounds like you, you have found the help you are looking for. Use the workbook to start your new shoplifting-free life today.

Before you begin this page, please review my DISCLAIMER.  This website is not intended to render clinical, legal or other professional services, and should not be considered – in any way – a substitute for legal advice, professional therapy/counseling, or group therapy.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: This is a workbook in progress.  I am posting this material as I have time to research, prepare, and write it.  Keep checking back periodically for additions.  Thank you for your patience.  Also, I am learning as I go so old lessons will be altered and adjusted as the light gets brighter for me. This material will change as a result of your feedback informing me of what is most helpful, and what is not very helpful.

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Do the Work
Unload the Gun
A Network of Support
Voice of the Victims
The Cycle of Addiction

Free Shoplifter’s Workbook for Shoplifting Addiction.
Free Workbook for Shoplifters.