My Disclaimer 

This website is not intended to render clinical, legal or other professional services, and should not be considered – in any way – a substitute for legal advice, professional therapy/counseling, or group therapy.  This material should be viewed as my personal understanding of the materials I have researched in relation to my addiction to compulsive stealing.  I am simply sharing how I was able to understand my addiction, and explaining to you what I did to stop stealing.  In short, I am sharing my experience with you – one addict to another.

I am not a professional counselor or therapist.  I chose to put together this website because I was unable to find free material and other resources when I needed them.  It can be hard to overcome a shoplifting addiction because many times we don’t even know why we are stealing.  I was very frustrated in my search to figure out why I was stealing and how in the world I was going to stop.

I therefore wanted to create a resource to help others.  The material in this website was taken from many books, articles and other sources that I have studied since my second arrest.  Remember the old quote, “If you copy from one author, it is plagiarism; if you copy from many, it’s called research.”  I have done much research and hope to make my findings clear to you through this website.  However, there are very few original thoughts here, and I relied on the professional and clinical experience of those more qualified than I to arrive at my conclusions.  I have made every effort to cite the sources and authors wherever and whenever possible. Any omissions are purely unintentional.

This website does not include everything there is to know about your addiction to shoplifting.  My goal is to provide a starting point that will enable you to take a step toward overcoming your addiction, and to provide a framework that will lead you to a theft-free life.  You will find throughout this material that I urge you to buy and read specific supplementary material to fill in the many gaps that are beyond the scope of this website.

This material may not apply your specific theft problem, as there are too many complex aspects to compulsive stealing to be included in this limited website.  Also, we addicts usually discover truth over time as we are ready to hear it.  I encourage you to keep looking, reading and listening until you find help for your specific needs.

MY PERSONAL NOTE: You can stop stealing. Being addicted to shoplifting does not indicate that you are a bad person, or that you are lazy or weak willed.  If you are addicted to shoplifting, typically it is because you have not learned to think properly.  (We will discuss “stinking thinking” in more detail later.)  The good news is that you can change your brain, and your actions will change with it.  This is a scientific fact: your brain can physically change to think in a healthy way.  It may feel hopeless right now, but I assure you that there is hope for a fulfilled, peaceful and honest life in your future.  Let’s work together to get there.