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The Shulman Center
The Shulman Center
provides professional, confidential, comprehensive, and effective treatment for compulsive stealing, spending, and/or hoarding disorders.  They serve individuals, couples, families, companies, and the community through education, assessment, & treatment. Their vision is a world of emotional and financial health and balance, of honesty and deep self-esteem and self-worth for all.

Turning Point Course by Russell Turner (FREE! Click Here to get started)
    I highly recommend this course by Russell Turner.  I took the course remotely and it was impressive in that format.  However, when I took the live course a few months later I was really impressed.  It is an animated presentation with a strong message that reaches into your brain and makes us think about the Stinkin’ Thinkin’ that we’ve been involved with.  Russell mixed in magic, humor, strong emotional props and multi-media.  
A note from Mr. Turner: Turning Point is a highly interactive & effective program for theft offenders. We are now receiving referrals from 14 different adult & juvenile courts in 3 states. Our adult program in Tulsa, (where we have been for 9 years) has a 94.3% success rate; based on recidivism.  The Turning Point class is also offered in Northwest Arkansas.
The adult class is 7 hours and the juvenile class is for 5 hours. It is very unique in that the class is taught in metaphorical stories, object lessons and scenarios. This makes the moral concepts visual, not just verbal; which enhances the understanding and acceptance of moral truth. Galileo said: “No man can teach another man anything- you can only help him to discover the truth for himself.” That is what the group facilitator is called: an assistant truth discoverer.  (Note: The turning point is available remotely for those who cannot attend a live class.)
The basis of the class is that most people don’t want to hurt other people if they understand the hurt. This class explains the emotional and financial hurt caused by theft. All offenders know that it is wrong to steal and knew that when they stole. Yet they have a license to steal- which just means an excuse. (see section of excuses) This class exposes these invalid unconscious and subconscious excuses as mere excuses which makes them unusable.
The point of the class is to create cognitive dissonance. That is to reveal the conflict in ones psyche, between his moral/value system and his behavior. Cognitive dissonance is the precursor to change as it coerces the individual to resolve his uncomfortable internal conflict.
While this class will reveal the dynamics of theft; it is not just about theft- it is about life. It takes the offender to the source of the problem and reveals what elements of his life are missing so that he may achieve a life that is filled full; that is fulfilled. It reveals what all offenders want in their life; even more than they want money or stuff; and that is to be proud of who they are. For most people who attend the class, it truly is a Turning Point in their life.

How to Stop Stealing
This site offers some very practical steps to take that will help you overcome a shoplifting addiction. Read this article and do the work it calls for.

How to Stop Your Addiction to Stealing
This is another site with seed thoughts on how to start down the road to a life of integrity. Put these ideas into practice.

Stop Stealing
Stop Stealing has several downloadable documents associated with Shoplifters Anonymous (ShA), as well as “Signposts” and “Characteristics” of a shoplifting addict.

Jack L. Hayes International, Inc.
Jack L. Hayes International, Inc. assists companies with loss prevention. You can find many great articles and statistics about shoplifting and the devastating effect it has on our society.

The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP)
NASP is interested in helping law enforcement, employers and shop owners in their struggle to limit loss (shrinkage) from theft. They also have prevention programs for children.  It is helpful to read through the resources on their page.  There are many helpful insights, statistics and other content that may be very meaningful to you.